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Monday, August 8, 2016

Beach Trip Packing List

My favorite part about vacationing is the preparation.  I love to organize our trip and get our packing list ready.  Heck, I may even start that a month or two before our actual trip. 

The anticipation of fun and adventure are my thrill. 

So today, with our beach vacation coming up, I wanted to share with you our beach trip packing list and how I successfully pack for little ones.

I have to have a list or I would forget myself at home.  I honestly look at it daily and add things to the list.   

The beauty of driving to the beach is there are no limits on luggage.  We can pack up our house and take it with us.  This momma likes to be prepared!

Here is what we will be packing up and taking with us. 

When I pack for Aspen, I start by gathering all of her outfits, pjs, play clothes, etc.  I separate them into piles.

Once I separate the outfits out, I bag them individually, that way I have clothes, shoes, hair bows and anything else we may need all in one spot.
I also bag up pjs, extra shirts, extra shorts and when she was really little, I would bag bibs, and burp clothes.

This was a huge help to me on our first trip.  It was nice to have everything accessible and labeled.  So I didn't hesitate to use this same technique for this trip.

Are you planning a before school summer trip?  Share with us where you are going and what fun things you took.

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