The Fogue Abode: DIY Exposed Bulb Lamp using Edison Bulbs

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

DIY Exposed Bulb Lamp using Edison Bulbs

I have had a serious fascination with Edison Bulbs.  Their warm and industrial glow simply mesmerizes me into a DIY day dream.  They are just too pretty to hid under a lamp shade.

So when I saw these exposed bulb lamps at World Market the other day, I was in serious lamp lust.  I love the simple beauty of this lamp.
But their $50 price tag for a wooden box didn't leave me too inspired.  So I set out to figure how I could create an exposed bulb lamp myself.
Back in the madness of the newborn stage, I was desperate for a lamp on my night stand to help me see in the darkness of night, when the rest of the world slept, but I was up again with a hangry baby.  So I trekked out to the only store our small town has, Walmart.  I bought the cheapest/nicest looking lamp I could find and voila, problem solved.
But then, I was stuck with a boring lamp, which could be a perfect Exposed Bulb Lamp with a little help. 
I started by dissembling the lamp and covering the socket with painters tape. 

Then I gave it a light coat of Rustoleum Oil Rubbed Bronze to give it all one dark look.  
Once dry, my new lamp was complete, just had to add the Edison Bulb. 

Perfect piece for fall/Halloween don't you think?   
While I was fixing up the lamp, I decided to go ahead and give my chalkboard a new fall look. 
Pumpkin's are my favorite this year.  I am just way too excited for fall.

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