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Friday, August 19, 2016

Down the Rabbit Hole {Bible Journaling}

These cool days we are having sure got me in the mood for fall!  I'm ready to smell some pumpkin spice, drink hot cider and cozy up in a sweeter.  While my mind says "crazy, its still August!"  my head is saying "bring on the fall décor." 

So before we jump into my favorite time of year, I want to share with you the dangerous rabbit hole I have found myself in. 

First, I discovered hand lettering thanks to Dawn Nicole which lead to buying all the Tombow markers and trying to conquer this crazy task of hand brush lettering.  (fyi, it's much harder than it looks, just check out my first time trying it.)

Then, I got into Bible Journaling.  Oh boy!

So I wanted to introduce you, my lovely readers to bible journaling with the basics in hopes that you grow in this journey with me. 

What is Bible Journaling?

Journaling has become more than just writing out notes from a sermon or a study.  It has became quite the creative means of worship and study.  Sometimes, doing your own bible time can be hard.  It becomes difficult to find time for, kids are in the way, the excuses become abundant.  But then, I found a spark that got me excited again.  It was the opportunity to grow in the word and worship my Lord with my creativity.

Rebekah R Jones

Bible Journaling can be whatever you want it to be.  I love how some people stamp and washi tape there bibles, while others paint and draw.  You can express your thoughts in any way you see possible.  Which is the fun of it all!

Rebekah R Jones

So, if you want to begin this journey with me, you can start, just as I have, by checking out Rebekah R Jones.  She has a wonderful blog full of Bible Journaling how-tos. 

If you are interested in fun supplies to get you started, DaySpring Cards Inc has some excellent items to get you started.

Once you've started, make sure to post your journaling pages on social media and tag me in it.  Use my fun hashie #FoguesDoBibleJournaling to show off your work. 

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