The Fogue Abode: Room x Room House Tour {Big Girl Nursery}

Monday, August 1, 2016

Room x Room House Tour {Big Girl Nursery}

The nursery is actually one of the first finished rooms in our house.  If you will remember back to this post when we showed it some love.  We painted and stenciled the wall, changed out the lighting and refinished my grandparents old dresser into a changing table. 

The changing table was probably the most used item in the room.  It worked out perfectly for our needs and will continue to be just what we need in this room.

After we installed the new flooring, I decided that this would be a perfect time to change her crib out into the toddler bed.  That plus adding even more of her toys took her room from baby to big girl. 

And this is why I loved our nursery theme, it literally took a few minutes to change it from baby to big girl without having to completely redo the room.

With the flooring finish, I need to find a rug that would finish out the look of this room.  I love the idea of this lighter and fluffier rug, but I question whether it's a good idea for a 2 year olds room.  I could picture her spending hours playing tea party and baby dolls on this.

My second option is this more durable navy and white rug.  It brings alight airy-ness to the room but is a little easier to clean. 

Rug decisions are super frustrating.  I can never seem to find the most perfect rug and then I'm terrified that what I settle for won't really match.  Call the doctor, I have the classic case of rug-indecisiveness.

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