The Fogue Abode: Room x Room House Tour {Family Room}

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Room x Room House Tour {Family Room}

When we moved into our home, the family room was a big blank void.  Being first time home owners, and smart ones who borrowed a little extra, we rushed right to the chain furniture store and picked out the first set we both agreed on. 

While I love our furniture for the comfort and function, it does seem to break rule # 2 in the furnishing a home department and that is not to be matchy-matchy with your furniture.  So, here is what I have planned to give this room some character.

We did get the accent wall painted a nice navy blue.  The hue matches our mud room which is right off this room.  Behind the tv, I used photos to make a gallery wall.  I always appreciate a nice gallery wall to give the eye something to look at besides the gigantic tv.

Next, I want to paint the remaining walls a soft grey.  Probably the grey we used down the hall.  More of an off-white color if I had to be exact.  Then, I have to get on all that trim?  I don't mind the dark trim, except for the rest of our house is white.  This bugs my OCD tendencies.

Remember the ladder shelves I scored at our local flea market?  Well I managed to get one painted white, I love how the white gives it a pop factor and really makes the color of the items stand out.  The next weekend project will be to finish the second shelf on the other side of the couch.

Wouldn't a nice big farmhouse sign go fabulous over that window.  I've been practicing my brush pen techniques so hopefully there will be a DIY on that in the future.

Our family room is totally kid functional.  We have the bare necessities on the end tables and have included Aspens little play nook and toy box her Pepaw made.

All in all, the family room is our favorite and most used room in the house.  It's a great place for us to unwind and Aspen has a ton of play space.

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