The Fogue Abode: Room x Room House Tour {Kitchen}

Monday, August 22, 2016

Room x Room House Tour {Kitchen}

Hola Aboders!  I got my Kimmy Gibbler impersonation going strong today after having quite the constructive weekend.  I can't wait to share everything we've been up to.   

First I want to start with another round of house touring, this time I am featuring our kitchen.  Thanks to the previous owners, we haven't had to do much work here.  The cabinets were painted white with black granite countertops.  I just had to simply add some personal touches.


But while my work seemed that simple, I have done some rearranging to have a more functional and pleasing to the eye space.  If you remember, we used to house the appliances in the corner.  That just wasn't working out for us.  So I moved things around for a much simpler look. 

And here is proof that you can make something chic out of anything.  If you're a parent, you probably recognize the name on the crate.  Yes, I stole a toy from my child to use as kitchen decorations.  Melissa & Doug are both fun and functional.

A couple of items on the ol' to-do list include:

  • new backsplash - I have never been a fan of the bead board, it's also a pain to keep clean.  It's not easy to wipe down like a glass backsplash may be.
  • freshin up the cabinets with a new coat of paint - The downside of white cabinets are that they show stain overtime.  Especially around the stove area.  It's just a maintenance step required with white cabinets. 
  • a statement range hood.  Something to give this kitchen a pow factor. 
  • accent lighting above our island.  It's probably the darkest space in the whole area.  Something fun and creative could really give this room some personality 
  • replace the ol' boob light. 
Once this round of updates are complete, I need to tackle what to do with the empty space above the cabinets.  Decorations?  Build the cabinets up?  Fun lighting?

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