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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

We are in Hot Water!

Amidst the torrential rain that seemed to follow us back, we made it home from the beach.  Did you even know we were gone last week?  Well, our trip could have been a little better had I not had a looming disaster in the back of my head.

My Nana use to always say that the old wives would tell that things break-down in threes.  That's especially true for your household appliances.  So when we had our epic flood and then 4 days without electricity, I should have known something else was coming.

That something else ended up being our water heater two days before we left for Florida.  We knew when we bought our house that the water heater was older and would need to be replaced sooner rather than later.  Shame on us for not checking it out more often.

You see, our house was built with a room off our back deck which houses the water heater and a/c unit.  I thought it was a brilliant idea to help hide the necessary eye sores.  But what I didn't think about is if our water heater ever sprung a leak that we wouldn't know until much later.

When we received our water bill just before vacation, I hit the roof when I saw that it was nearly double.  We started checking around for leaks and that's when we discovered the leaky rusted water heater.

We immediately contacted our handy-dandy insurance agent (who wasn't too happy to be hearing from us again) and luckily he came out the day before we left.  But that also meant we were without hot water.  Boo!

First thing on our agenda when we got back Sunday was to get the water heater replaced.  After letting it dry out for the week, it looks like the flooring will have to be replaced as well. 

Now we have a nice, pretty energy efficient water heater to go along with our new flooring.  Sad part is, we are pretty much maxed out on house projects for the year.  Which I am happy to oblige too after the last couple of months. 

Have you ever noticed that things happen in threes? 

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