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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Bloggy McBlog

Can I talk blog for a minute?  Great, thanks.

I refuse to be a victim of Blog Stat Obsession Disorder!  Also know as BSOB.  Symptoms include:
  • checking  your pageviews multiple times a day
  • obsessing over missing a scheduled post for fear of losing a single page view count
  • religiously documenting your blog stats each month
  • freaking about the perfect picture
  • booking your weekends solid of projects
I have been full time blogging 3 days a week for 9 months.  Do you know that's how long it takes to grow a human?  But I have seen no changes in my blogging stats. (which frustrated me)  Sure I've grown as a writer and photographer.  I've had incredible opportunities.  But in a world full of bloggers, its often hard to let your voice be heard.

I guess that's what I've been trying to do for 9 months, make my voice be heard.  I feel like I have been so busy trying to pump out 3 posts every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  Because, if I missed a day, my already poor stats suffered.  I tried to make blogging my job, and it's not my job it's my hobby.

Well, I'm here to say that I refuse to be chained by these demands any longer.  I love my home and I love sharing about it and my family.  But from today forward, posts will be published when I have something to tell you about.  I have to keep the "hobby" part in check.

I want to produce useful and interesting content, not just filler.  I want my friends to appreciate what I have to share.

I still have a full list of projects I would love to complete and I will share along the way as I go.  But I do not like having my life run by what is blogable and what isn't. 

So see ya later blog stats, page views and visits, I want those that are here and loyal to get great content.  That means that I can't be strapped to the demands of blogging schedules and pageviews. 

Seeing as this is the first day of fall, it's appropriate to be turning a new bloggy leaf. 

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