The Fogue Abode: Guest Bathroom REVEAL part 1

Friday, September 16, 2016

Guest Bathroom REVEAL part 1


I've been dying to show you guys the bathroom, if only it were complete.  We ran into a major snag with the shower and tiling (which will be for a future blog post.)  So I decided to pull the curtain, so to speak, on that project and show you the rest of the bathroom.

And here it is!

We began the renovation by demoing the entire bathroom, minus these cabinets which cleaned up nicely with some fresh paint and new knobs.

We selected a Solid Surface countertop from Lowe's called Aspen.  It was fate when we saw what it was named.  It really pulls off the marble look well, but for half the price.  It does have a more matte finish, but clean up has been a breeze.

For the faucet, we went with a Delta faucet set in brush nickel.  The squared off look of the knobs and faucet complement the shape of the inlaid sink.  If you order a counter top and sink together from Lowes, they will install it for you which really saved us armatures on figuring out how to hook that thing up.  I mean just hooking the water up was nightmare enough. 

While browsing through Target one day, I set my eyes upon this glorious slate cheese board and thought that would be a perfect feature on our new crisp counter top. Instead of forking out more cash, I decided to take a spare slab of our flooring tile since it looked similar and added some felt pads to it to protect the counter and came out with the same cheese board look for nothing.

But my favorite part about this is the cute little piggy soap I got from a local soap maker. 
You will remember here where I covered making these industrial shelves?  I love how they look over the toilet.  I pulled the plug and really decided to mix metals in the bathroom.  I used brush nickel faucets and mirror and brushed bronze fittings, and knobs.  Having the same brush finish really pulled off the combination.

I love the added privacy the half wall we built gives the toilet area.  I found this basket for a steal from Earnest Home Company.   It fits perfectly in the corner between the wall and the toilet to store toilet paper.

Along the far wall is where I hung the industrial towel hangers I made out of a few pieces of scrap lumber and water valves.  It perfectly complements the modern/industrial bathroom feel we are going with.

I can't wait to finish out this bathroom reveal when we finish up the shower.  This is by far my favorite part of the whole project.  It's just so yummy!  But you'll have to wait...

How about a good before and after for the road!?

The neon green before

And here is the gorgeous, I love this bathroom, I want to eat sleep and drink in here, after shot!

Until then, arrivederci!  And if you're wanting to know where everything came from, check out the source list I have below.

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