The Fogue Abode: Nominees for Best Exterior Door Color

Friday, September 9, 2016

Nominees for Best Exterior Door Color

I really want to paint our door to give the front a pop.  Only problem is, I have zip-zero-zilch in the inspiration corner.  Our little blue house and the door itself give me major stumbling blocks.  So, I figured I would put my not-so-great photoshop skills to use and test try a few colors. 

(please don't mind the iphone photo because apparently there is a lack of photos of the front of our home, added to the to-do list.)

Drum roll......and the nominees are:





 Royal Blue

and, a dark teal
I have my favorites, but I'm dying to know what you think.  Don't hold back, be bold!  


  1. Teal is my first choice and eggplant is second!

  2. Our siding is a similar color and we did yellow a few years ago - it looks great!! I do love the idea of teal, though.