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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Fogues Do A Wedding

What do you get when you put a simple southern family and an intercultural fancy wedding together?  You get the Fogues Do A Wedding weekend! I'm here today with all the details about our intercultural Chinese/American wedding weekend we experienced and all the fun and beautiful details that went into the different services, including our first Chinese Tea Ceremony. 

We were in Dallas this past weekend to attend Chris' brothers wedding.  The weekend was beautiful as were the bride and groom.  The ceremony took place in a quaint little chapel inside of The Heights Church.  Thank goodness I came prepared with toys, books and snacks for little miss Aspen.  Once she saw Da-Da, who was the best man, that was all she wanted. 

After the ceremony, we went to Zander's House for the beautiful reception.  It was Aspen's first fancy wedding with 8 courses of Chinese delicacies.  The table settings were perfect for such a mixed cultural wedding.  There were beautiful centerpieces and fun Chinese fans which garnished each setting.

Aspen only lasted through 7 courses before my little princess turned into my little monster.  But for a full day of activities, she did great. 

Before we left for the evening, we hit the photo booth for a little dress up family fun.

But, before we got to all the wedding fun, we experienced our first Chinese Tea Ceremony that morning, which was incredibly cool.  The Tea Ceremony was a way to formally introduce the bride's family to the groom's family.  We had to wait to come in where the groom presented his bride with a beautiful bouquet of flowers and we went through a tunnel of family members all eager to meet us.

Once we all made it in, we began the traditional ceremony in which the bride and groom present each family member with tea.  We were then able to give the couple our wedding gift in the form of a red envelope. 

It was a beautiful ceremony and we were so very honored to be able to participate in the Chinese ritual.  Once everyone had their tea, we were presented with a feast of Chinese BBQ.  One thing we did this weekend was EAT!  Aspen has turned into my little Chinese lover, she had to eat with her chop sticks and loved the rice and noodles they served. 

The whole weekend was a beautiful experience.  Now we are blessed with a new sister-in-law to add to our family. 

Congratulations too you, Jason and Ping. 


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