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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Fogue's Visit Roseberry Farms

Hey guys.  Here we are smack dab in the middle of October.  The busyness of the holiday season is nearing, as is my anxiety to make all things glamorous.  With a ton on our plates, including a few new adventures of my own, we took some time to take A out to the pumpkin patch for some festive fall fun. 

If you are in the central Arkansas area, I highly suggest making a trip down to Roseberry Farm in Benton.  It's a great little family run pumpkin patch that had every activity our little Tot could ever dream of. 

Before we made it around to the actual pumpkin picking, we took some time to admire the sites.  We started with a little visit to their farm animals.  Aspen loved calling the "bock-bock's" (chickens) up and the donkeys were so much fun (and jealous little things.)

After that we found our way to the giant hay-fort which had a big kid slide on it.  Sliding has become one of Aspens favorite activities lately, so we spent our fair share of time with this.  By the end of our visit, she was climbing the fort and sliding on her own.

We couldn't round our fall afternoon out without a sneezy hay ride around the farm.  Aspen wasn't quite sure about this activity, plus it made all of our noses itch and eyes water.

We finally made it around to the pumpkins after a few minutes of swinging.  Once she finally realized what they were and that we could pick one and take it home, she was in heaven.

The problem was finding the perfect pumpkin.

Finally we found it, and it was [mic drop, I'm out] for Aspen.  She is such a little sass these days.

Hope you guys are having a fun and festive fall.  Make sure you check out this family operation if you are in the area.  And if not, find one local to you.  I'm all for supporting our local farm families.


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