The Fogue Abode: 2016 Goals...Plans...Dreams {How We Faired}

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

2016 Goals...Plans...Dreams {How We Faired}

Remember way back in January, I shared my list of hopes and dreams for the new year?  Since we are rounding the corner to home base of 2016, I wanted to go back through our list and see what we had accomplished this past year. 

1. Hall Bath Reno

I think this one deserves a great big check off the 2016 To-Do List.  While it proved to be a much more demanding job than anticipated, I love how the room transformed.  You can read all about our reno project here


2. Spruce up the Fireplace

This one sort of took a back seat in 2016.  With some unexpected flooring issues, we never really had time to work towards this goal.  I have some great ideas for our fireplace and hope we can finally check that one off in the beginning of 2017. 

3. Chunky Molding

Another fail.  While it is still a dream, it's going to require a ton of time consuming work.  Plus, I'm still trying to talk Chris into teaching me how to use power tools so I can perhaps work on this myself.

4. The Hall Gallery

Womp, womp.  Another dream...another fail.  I sense a theme here.

5. Flea Marketing

Now here's a dream that I got to enjoy many times this year.  I was able to spend a really awesome day with P. Allen Smith on the beautiful Moss Mountain back in May which I covered here and here.

I was also able to support and attend our local Vintage Market Days which was a total blast.  You can see my VMD posts here and here. 

6. Blog More

Finally on the list, was my goal to blog more.   I think this one deserves the biggest check of all. 

To this baby blog...that's huge!

I was able to have some awesome experiences and meet awesome people this year, all because of my little space on the internet. I want to personally thank you for this opportunity.  I can't wait to see what 2017 has in store...

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