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Thursday, January 5, 2017

2017 Goals, Plans & Dreams

Have you ever had a grand plan for things and they go totally opposite?  I'm talking about wanting to kick off the year on the right foot, but it ends up more on the left.  Sorta like my attempt at hover boarding this past weekend.  I was doing real well,  going nice and slow, until, well... I wasn't.  Before I knew it, my feet were flying through the air up, up, over my head and my booty was hitting the floor.   

Looking back I guess it was a hysterical moment.  But that has been the epitome of my life for the past 5 days.  Everything I wanted to go so right, just went head over heals.  (Hmm, now I understand that phrase a little differently.) 

How do I shake my self from the funk of chaos?  By doing what I do best, plan and set our goals.  Or like my one word for the new year, I'm going to be Intentional.

What ideas do I have fluttering around in my brain for the year 2017?  


Cottage Granny Chic - ify my Bedroom and Guest Room

Move over farmhouse, I'm loving the cottage chic, granny floral trend I'm starting to see pop up.  The two rooms I want to finish during 2017 are the Master Bedroom and the Guest Bedroom.  Neither of these rooms have really been touched in the last 3 years since moving in.  My goal is to create a cozy retreat for me and my guests.

Are you loving the wallpaper trend and the floral bedding patterns that seem to be making it's appearance this year?  I'm also digging all the green hues.  Here's an idea board for all things cottage chic.

Hang that Beautiful Bean Footage...I Mean Gallery Wall

Last year, I had on our Goals, Plans & Dreams list to do a gallery wall down our hall.  That project has rolled over to this year's Goals, Plans & Dreams.  If I have a fault, it's with Gallery Walls.  The placement of the frames and what goes where totally intimidates me.  It's time that I put my fears aside and get started on this project.  It's totally redo-able if something goes wrong.  Right?

Family Vacation, Griswold Style

Source: Around Movies

We are planning a road trip up to New York to visit my husband's family this summer.  It's about a 24 hour trip by car.  I'm a secret lover of road trips.   Stopping to see all the sites along the way is this gals idea of a fun vacation.  As I grew up, my grandparents would take us on a big trip each year.  It was totally fun and gave me experiences that lasted a life time.  Very few people can check off over 25 states when doing that Facebook where I've been post. 

Any stop recommendations between Arkansas and New York?

Celebrating 5 years

Wow, time really does fly when you're having fun!  This May, Chris and I will be celebrating our fifth wedding anniversary.  While I'm not getting my dream Hawaii vacation this go around, I do want to make it a great year. recommends a gift of wood for the traditional gift, silverware for the modern gift and airline tickets or a cruise for a travel gift (how fun would that be.)  Guess it's about time to get the gears spinning on some fun gift ideas.

Exterior Redesign

How cute would our hose be with shutters?

Last on my grand list of plans, is to redo our exterior to give it more curb appeal and functionality for our family which includes dogs and toddlers.  Since we are in a builder grade home, the exterior received a builder grade finish.  I want to add on shutters and window boxes.  Refinish the columns on the front.  And, get our yard fenced in.  All of this with a Rustic Farmhouse appeal.  This will hopefully be our big project of the year, I hope we have as much success with it as we did with the bathroom remodel last year.

Slowly but surely I am going to get this builder grade house transformed into a lovely country home.  One year at a time!

What are some goals you wish to achieve this year in your home?  Shout out your plans below.

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