The Fogue Abode: Blogging, Growth and a Little Survey

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Blogging, Growth and a Little Survey

Hey guys,

I hope you are wrapping up January on a positive note.  Me, it's business as usual around here.  Remember back during this post when I talked about my word of the year and being intentional in my actions.  I've spent a good month thinking and journaling about what that means for this blog.  I'm so excited to continue my growth in this business and to provide you, my readers, with content that you want and need. 

So, today I have set up a quick survey for you to take so that I can better understand what you enjoy.   I promise, these questions are all vital in adapting to what The Fogue Abode is going to be this year.  I also promise that all the information you provide will be confidential and will solely be used for this blog.  I would never sell your information to an outside company. 

Create your own user feedback survey

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