The Fogue Abode: How to Create a Crepe Paper Swag {Part One}

Friday, January 13, 2017

How to Create a Crepe Paper Swag {Part One}

Hey Guys Hey!  Not only is today Fri-Yay!  But it's my birfday! (And Friday the 13th, aren't I so lucky.)  As I start my "Farewell to Twenties" tour today with a little fun and food...who am I kidding, probably a little wine too, I wanted to leave you guys with a fun How To that I've been itching to share.

After this weeks birthday post, I received a ton of questions on how I made the crepe paper floral arrangements.  It was a fun and easy project, but I'll admit it was time consuming.  I'm going to break this down into a few posts for ya. 

I had the idea of creating a paper flower arrangement swimming around in my head for several days.  Then, I ran across the House that Lars Built's post where they made a paper garland for a get away car and I was completely smitten with the idea.

So today, I wanted to share exactly how I made the leaf base for the swag pictured above.  I'll get to the flowers next week.

How to Make a Crepe Paper Leaf Bough

Start by collecting your materials:

Crepe Paper in 2 shades of Green


Floral Wire

Glue Gun

House That Lars Built template

Craft Paper for Base (I used a wad of paper that came in a package for my base.)

1. Start by using the template and cutting out all of your leaves.  I did a mix of color with the large and the small.  However, if you just wanted to use one color, that would work too.  Time Saver *Don't cut them one at a time.  Fold your crepe paper into accordion squares and cut them all at once.*  Oh, and don't worry about it looking perfect.

2. Take 3 of the same size and color leaves and use a dab of hot glue to glue them together at the base.

3. Yes, like a marijuana leaf (which I sadly had to spell check because I didn't know how you spelled marijuana.)

4. I glued all of my leaves into 3 bundles so that they were all ready to attach at once.  Make sure to bundle the same size and color.  You will need 6-7 bundles to make a stem.

5. Take your largest leaf bundle and use it as the base of your stem.  I took a piece of floral wire and placed it about 3/4 of the way up the middle leaf.  You want the wire to be up more than half way to add some stability to the leaves.  Otherwise, they are floppy.  We don't need floppy leaves.  Then, glue that baby down.

6. Once your base is set, glue the remaining leaves onto your stem going from largest to smallest.  Make sure to leave a little wire at the end to secure it to the base of the swag or arrangement.

Congratulations, you have your first leaf stem.  Isn't it ugly?  Keep going, I promise it will all come together in the end.

Repeat the steps above to make as many as you need.  Our swag took 6  stems plus a few individual leaves.

To bundle them, I simply used my craft paper and bunched it into an L shape, leaving a little more on the bottom than the top.   I then used  the end of the stem and wrapped it around the paper.  Twisting it together to secure it.  This allowed the stems to hang loosely resembling natural leaves. 

Make sure to check back next week as I go over how to create crepe paper flowers

(In my best Mickey Mouse voice) "See ya real soon." 

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