The Fogue Abode: 10 Punny Valentine Cards

Thursday, February 2, 2017

10 Punny Valentine Cards

Hey Girl Hey! (and hey guys too)

Valentine's Day at our house is usually just another day.  I can't say it's my favorite holiday because I don't get the cheese.  Who needs overly priced flowers that will die?  Chocolate when I'm trying to eat I still have a bowl of Christmas chocolate that I'm hording in the pantry.  Jewelry that we really can't afford right now?  To add to all of this, I'm married to the scrooge of romance.  Sigh, it's my burden to bare.

So we don't really go all out and celebrate the day of love.  But I have come to expect a quirky little card from my honey each year.  In return I try to come up with something cute and creative to say "hey, I love you too." 

Because I love you, and my honey, I have come up with 10 punny valentine cards that will put a smile on even the scroogiest of scrooges faces.

1. For the Coffee Lover

 2. For the Pizza Lover

3. For The Italian Lover

4. For the Gum Lover

5. For the Gardener

6. For the Dog Lover

7. For the Soda Lover

8. For the Nerd

9. For the Cheese Lover

10. For the Sci-Fi Lover

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  1. Lovely roundup! I can't wait to see more posts from you ;)
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