the fogue abode: July 2017

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Baby Fogue Update [28 Weeks]

Here we are, week 28.  The official start to the third trimester.  My how time has flown this pregnancy.  And I haven't been more than ready to get this pregnancy over with.  While baby boy is cooking, I've been going through Aspen's baby clothes and getting them ready for sale.  It makes me sad, but also excited about all the cute boy outfits we will have.

So while I'm sorting and folding, check out how this week has been.

Baby Size: Weighing in at 14.8 lbs (opps, add pregnancy brain to my list of symptoms) 2.2 lbs this week and 14.8 inches long, the baby is the size of an Eggplant.

Symptoms: Dealing with a little pregnancy insomnia this week, when I am getting a few z's in my dreams have been crazy again.  I guess the theme of my pregnancy dreams are women's prison.  I've had my fair share of OITNB-ish type dreams.  I've also started enjoying getting those glorious rib kicks.  I can tell room is starting to become a precious commodity in there.

Currently Missing: This week I'm really missing the ability to roll over in my sleep without it waking me up.  For someone who is a regular tosser and turner, sleep is just hard.

Sleep: Based on the last two topics, I'm sure you've concluded that sleep isn't going so great.  I guess it's just my bodies way of prepping for all of the long nights.

Cravings and favorite foods: Sweets.  This week, I've indulged in brownies, cheesecake and shaved ice.  My Pinterest Yummy board may also contain more desserts than dinner ideas.

Mood: My mood this week has been rather cranky, but for valid reasons, with the lack of sleep I've gotten.  Coffee may have found its way back into my morning routine no matter how bad it gives me heartburn.  Priorities right.

Maternity clothes: This week's outfit is actually not from the maternity rack but from my favorite direct sale clothing company LulaRoe.  I have a flowy H&M top and a green Lindsay Kimono.

Buying:  Paint.  While we weren't exactly sure what color we wanted to paint our nursery, I took advantage of the Sherwin Williams 40% off sale and purchased my paint un-tinted.  Once we decide on a color, I will be able to go back and get the can of paint tinted to the correct color.

Aspens Reaction: This week Aspen has been excited to share baby brothers name with everyone.  Baby brother is going to be named Weston Rhett.  Or as Aspen likes to call him, Baby Wes.  Farewell to French Fry (fingers crossed.)

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Baby Fogue Update [27 Weeks]

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After last weeks catch up post, here is my first weekly update.  We made it to week 27, and while it's considered the last week of the second trimester, I consider it the beginning of the third since yesterday was the 3 month mark til my due date.

So as today, I've made it 2/3 of the way through.  How has it gone by so fast!? 

Baby Size: Baby is 15 in and 2.2 lbs so roughly the size of a cucumber or a head of lettuce.

Symptoms: Symptoms this week include nightly 4am leg cramps which bolt me out of bed faster than any pregnant woman should move.  I'm also continuing the daily battle with heartburn, does this mean a hairy baby?  On top of these lovely symptoms are what I tout as growing pains.  Specifically in my rib cage area as my bump gets larger and larger. 

Currently Missing: I'm missing lunch meat this week.  I'm really craving a sub sandwich.  It's been long recommended that pregnant women avoid lunch meat for fear of listeria.  I'll admit I've cheated a few times when there were no other options.  But I haven't really enjoyed it without worry. 

Sleep: The bump now needs full time pillow support as gravity has taken over and made side sleeping uncomfortable.  Sleep has also been disturbed by those nightly leg cramps I mentioned in the symptoms.

Cravings and favorite foods: TACOS!  Could every day be taco Tuesday?

Mood: Productive.  Can productive be a mood?  I guess the reality of the final stretch has hit and I'm bound and determined to get my house in order and my day job ready for my relief to take over. 

Maternity clothes: This week I am loving this olive green top from Target (similar to this one)  and these maternity jeans that I found on Motherhood Maternity.  Let me tell you about these jeans, they don't have the normal panel that you find on maternity pants.  Instead, they are more like regular jeans with a little stretchy paneling on the side/hip.  These are my favorite for a girl who wears jeans practically every day.

Buying:  This week I purchased a few items for my sister's baby shower that I'm helping to host next week.  Once the shower is over, they will go perfect in the nursery.  I can't wait to reveal what I'm planning for the nursery, all in due time.

Aspens Reactions: This past weekend, we played pretend with a cardboard box.  Aspen made it into a fun car to drive around with a steering wheel.  Once she was done playing, she gathered up her supplies and asked to make something for Baby Brother.  In an attempt to de-clutter, I talked her into drawing a picture for him.  Nonetheless, I had major heart-eyes for her desire to create something just for her brother. 

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Gender Reveal - Guns or Glitter?

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A few weeks ago, we gathered our family together to reveal what our littlest bean would be.  A boy or a girl?  I'm just now getting a chance to go through all of our photos and get a post together for it.  That's basically what motherhood does to you.

I will say that all credit for our Gender Reveal party goes to my cutie-pie husband.  He was way too excited when he stumbled upon the idea of shooting at something and having it explode.  I was just on board basically because he was doing all the work.

We went with a Guns or Glitter theme, complete with matching cupcake toppers.  First, I'll touch on our party details and then I'll explain the reveal itself.  The party was hosted at our house.  I was going with the minimalist approach, so we did a large self-serve nacho bar with all of the toppings.  Of course, I failed to photograph this deliciousness, pregnancy brain you know!

D├ęcor was minimal with a few hand written chalk board signs.  I found inspiration for an Old Wives Tale board on Pinterest and recreated it with my symptoms.  It was fun to laugh with all the ladies about each symptom and its indicator.

Big Sister Aspen enjoying time with family.

We finished off our lunch with delicious cupcakes from our Walmart bakery.  We had them add the reveal frosting to the center in case it rained and our original plan was canceled.  We had already pushed back the party back one day due to the unsavory weather.

Before we had the big reveal, we wanted to make a count of which team everyone was on.  I think it's pretty clear, our family and friends are hoping for a boy.  Aspen is still adamant that she wants a sister.

For the reveal itself, we filled a cardboard box with 10 lbs of color chalk we got off Amazon and 2 lbs of Tannerite we purchased at our local farm supply store.  Obviously, this may not be available in every state, you'll have to check your state's rules and regulations.  I also highly recommend that you do this outside of city limits and please use caution and safe fire arm practices if you decide to recreate this reveal.  All Chris had to do was successfully shoot the target and a cloud of colored smoke filled the air. 

 It's a boy!  We are so excited (and moms a little nervous) to be adding a boy to our family in October.  Check out the youtube video below for actual video of the big bang!

Friday, July 14, 2017

Second Trimester Pregnancy Update

As promised in my mid-year review, I wanted to share my weekly progress.  To get us all caught up, I wanted to do one big post highlighting everything up until now, 26 weeks.  This one will be a bit longer than usual, but here we go.

It's been 4 crazy months since I updated the blog with our exciting news.  You can read all about our big reveal here.  I guess I better start with the happenings in the first trimester.  I didn't talk much about it in the previous post, so here is that run-down.

First Trimester

Symptoms: The first trimester was a bit of a rocky start, with all day nausea and morning sickness.  I seemed to be a bit sicker this time than with Aspen, but it all hit later.  I was able to enjoy 9 blissful weeks with hardly a symptom.  Then bam!  I was lucky to escape the crazy fatigue that I had last time, which was a blessing having to chase a toddler around.  I did get to add to the symptoms list this pregnancy, crazy dreams.  There was a week period where I had the most bizarre and dark dreams.  This included prison fights with shanks and visits from demons reminiscent of The Exorcist.  I said they were dark.  I'm just glad that part seems to have passed.  Crazy hormones!

Food Cravings: Unlike my pregnancy with Aspen where I didn't crave anything, I actually got to enjoy the random food cravings and aversions.  This time my love was Mexican food.  Specifically Taco Bell.  You could find me in the drive through line regularly getting my Nacho Bell Grande and Beef Supreme Chalupa. Or, just daydreaming and talking about it when I wasn't indulging in my craving.  I even found a few copycat recipes that we enjoyed.  Make sure you check out these recipes for Mexican Pizza and Cheesy Crunch Wraps.  They were super delicious!

Food Aversions: Anything healthy.  Or maybe that was just me having an excuse to eat junk food.  I had a few aversions to food, but it was a day by day challenge to avoid the stomach rolls at the mention.   

Milestones: During the first trimester, I had to switch doctors from my old OB who was moving.  It was a sad first doctor's visit because we loved everything she did for me when Aspen was born.  My second doctor's visit was much like the first, getting set up with my new doctor.  Well minus all the needle pokes.  By my second visit, we were able to hear the babies heartbeat for the first time. 

Aspen's reactions: It took a while for Aspen, all of 2 years old, to grasp the idea of a baby.  I think during this time, it was mostly just repeating what we told her.  We would frequently ask her if she wanted a brother or a sister.  The answer was usually sister.  I guess we shall see if her wish comes true.

Second Trimester

Symptoms: Once I got into the Second Trimester, the nausea and morning sickness subsided.  It was replaced with heartburn, the acid burning of hell up your throat at all hours of the day, even from eating things such as salad or toast.  Nothing is safe from this evil.  In addition to the heartburn, I have constant pelvic pain which I didn't remember until the end of my pregnancy last time.  Oh, the joys of being a second-time mom. 
Food Cravings: Pizza, specifically New York pizza which I got to indulge in during our trip up to visit family earlier this month.  Also, Ice Cream (you can add some french fries to that and I'd be happy) which I've had more often than I normally do.

Food Aversions: None

Milestones: During the second trimester, we had our anatomy scan in which baby 2.0 looked healthy and measured on track.  We also found out the baby's sex which we revealed to the family.  There will be a post about that soon.  The bump also made its presence known and maternity wear is a must.  By now, I feel as big as I was when I had Aspen, though I'm sure that's not accurate and I still have a long ways to go.

Aspen's reactions: Aspen is loving the idea of baby lately.  She wants to talk to it often, aka listen to it's heartbeat with my at home Doppler.  She has also named the baby "French Fry."  A nickname that has stuck so far as we have yet to decide on a name.  Just yesterday, she asked to go to the baby doctor with me.  I'm loving watching her grown and learn during this whole process.

That basically has caught us up on the excitements of pregnancy round 2.  I'll be back each week with a mini breakdown.  Only 13 weeks left, so hopefully, it will fly by quickly.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Blogging - A Mid Year Review

Guys, I'm so ashamed.  I've been such a slacker! Here I sat in January, committing myself to a more intentional 2017 with this blog and what have I done, slacked.  With Megaphone Summit coming up in a few short weeks, a local blogger conference held in Fayetteville, Arkansas, I think now is the best time to reassess my goals for the rest of 2017.  To give this blog some purpose before I head out to connect and grow with my fellow bloggers and influencers.

Where to next?  While the purpose of this blog is to inspire with DIY, crafts and home designs, I am planning to shift focus for just a little bit to a more parenting based blog.  Trying to find time to be creative while dealing with the fatigue of pregnancy and the soon to be sleepless nights with a newborn have become nearly impossible.  Since this season in life requires a little more attention in the parenting department, it will be my main focus.  My intentions here are to share in my journey of pregnancy, delivery and raising a newborn with a toddler in tow.

What can you expect?  Weekly updates on how this pregnancy is going, what I'm buying for baby and all the fun in's and out's of rearing children.  I'll try to throw in some DIY and craft posts here and there.  We still have the nursery to remodel, (can you tell the theme of this pregnancy is procrastination) and fun toddler crafts to help keep our older tot busy. 

I hope you guys will join me and my family on this adventure and one day soon I will be back to my first love, my home!