The Fogue Abode: Baby Fogue Update [28 Weeks]

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Baby Fogue Update [28 Weeks]

Here we are, week 28.  The official start to the third trimester.  My how time has flown this pregnancy.  And I haven't been more than ready to get this pregnancy over with.  While baby boy is cooking, I've been going through Aspen's baby clothes and getting them ready for sale.  It makes me sad, but also excited about all the cute boy outfits we will have.

So while I'm sorting and folding, check out how this week has been.

Baby Size: Weighing in at 14.8 lbs (opps, add pregnancy brain to my list of symptoms) 2.2 lbs this week and 14.8 inches long, the baby is the size of an Eggplant.

Symptoms: Dealing with a little pregnancy insomnia this week, when I am getting a few z's in my dreams have been crazy again.  I guess the theme of my pregnancy dreams are women's prison.  I've had my fair share of OITNB-ish type dreams.  I've also started enjoying getting those glorious rib kicks.  I can tell room is starting to become a precious commodity in there.

Currently Missing: This week I'm really missing the ability to roll over in my sleep without it waking me up.  For someone who is a regular tosser and turner, sleep is just hard.

Sleep: Based on the last two topics, I'm sure you've concluded that sleep isn't going so great.  I guess it's just my bodies way of prepping for all of the long nights.

Cravings and favorite foods: Sweets.  This week, I've indulged in brownies, cheesecake and shaved ice.  My Pinterest Yummy board may also contain more desserts than dinner ideas.

Mood: My mood this week has been rather cranky, but for valid reasons, with the lack of sleep I've gotten.  Coffee may have found its way back into my morning routine no matter how bad it gives me heartburn.  Priorities right.

Maternity clothes: This week's outfit is actually not from the maternity rack but from my favorite direct sale clothing company LulaRoe.  I have a flowy H&M top and a green Lindsay Kimono.

Buying:  Paint.  While we weren't exactly sure what color we wanted to paint our nursery, I took advantage of the Sherwin Williams 40% off sale and purchased my paint un-tinted.  Once we decide on a color, I will be able to go back and get the can of paint tinted to the correct color.

Aspens Reaction: This week Aspen has been excited to share baby brothers name with everyone.  Baby brother is going to be named Weston Rhett.  Or as Aspen likes to call him, Baby Wes.  Farewell to French Fry (fingers crossed.)

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