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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Gender Reveal - Guns or Glitter?

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A few weeks ago, we gathered our family together to reveal what our littlest bean would be.  A boy or a girl?  I'm just now getting a chance to go through all of our photos and get a post together for it.  That's basically what motherhood does to you.

I will say that all credit for our Gender Reveal party goes to my cutie-pie husband.  He was way too excited when he stumbled upon the idea of shooting at something and having it explode.  I was just on board basically because he was doing all the work.

We went with a Guns or Glitter theme, complete with matching cupcake toppers.  First, I'll touch on our party details and then I'll explain the reveal itself.  The party was hosted at our house.  I was going with the minimalist approach, so we did a large self-serve nacho bar with all of the toppings.  Of course, I failed to photograph this deliciousness, pregnancy brain you know!

Décor was minimal with a few hand written chalk board signs.  I found inspiration for an Old Wives Tale board on Pinterest and recreated it with my symptoms.  It was fun to laugh with all the ladies about each symptom and its indicator.

Big Sister Aspen enjoying time with family.

We finished off our lunch with delicious cupcakes from our Walmart bakery.  We had them add the reveal frosting to the center in case it rained and our original plan was canceled.  We had already pushed back the party back one day due to the unsavory weather.

Before we had the big reveal, we wanted to make a count of which team everyone was on.  I think it's pretty clear, our family and friends are hoping for a boy.  Aspen is still adamant that she wants a sister.

For the reveal itself, we filled a cardboard box with 10 lbs of color chalk we got off Amazon and 2 lbs of Tannerite we purchased at our local farm supply store.  Obviously, this may not be available in every state, you'll have to check your state's rules and regulations.  I also highly recommend that you do this outside of city limits and please use caution and safe fire arm practices if you decide to recreate this reveal.  All Chris had to do was successfully shoot the target and a cloud of colored smoke filled the air. 

 It's a boy!  We are so excited (and moms a little nervous) to be adding a boy to our family in October.  Check out the youtube video below for actual video of the big bang!

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