The Fogue Abode: 5 Take Aways from Megaphone Summit

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

5 Take Aways from Megaphone Summit

Hey Girl Hey!  I just got back from the most amazing weekend full of creative, innovative and fearless gals (and a few awesome guys) sharing all about their keys to success in the social influencer world. 

This was my first year to attend Megaphone Summit, an influencer conference held each year in Arkansas.  It was 2 full days jammed packed with great sessions on how to be a better blogger and influencer. Since I have managed to blog pretty regularly for the last 2 years (Whoo Hoo!), I figured it was time to invest in myself and my brand.  Because yes, holy cow, I am creating a brand. 

I learned so much valuable information from some influencer superstars.  It would be super easy for me to rehash what my weekend was all about, but I figure that to 90% of my readers, that would be a boring read.  So today, I'm here with my top five takeaways for the average Jane (or Joe.)  Here are just a few tips I've learned along the way that will help you create a better social media image, whether your go-to is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest.  (While you're at it make sure to follow me.)

1. Make It Scream You!
I loved this statement from our keynote speaker, Rebekah Radice.  While she was talking about the importance of being you on social media as a brand, I think anyone can benefit from this statement.  It's so easy to be someone else online, what's hard is being you and being honest.  It makes me think of all the beautifully decorated houses I see on Instagram and how much I covet that.  But what we never see is the toddler in the background trashing the next room or the unfinished projects you have laying around.  A picture may be worth a thousand words, but it's only one in a thousand when it comes to what your life is really and truly like.  Just keep that in mind when you find yourself wishing for what others portray.   

2. Don't Be The Same - Break All The Rules
This is a statement I needed more than any other take away.  Do you spend hours trying to fit into a certain mold that's well, just not you?  I think it's important to know the rules, and then break them.  Dare to be unique and bold.  Stand out in the crowd.  Be a unicorn.

3.  Be A FanGirl (or FanDude)
I think the beauty of the internet is our accessibility to the world.  Even you have the ability to influence someone.  So when you find something or someone that you are digging, shout it out.  Let your community know all about that awesome dress you found, that life changing cleaning hack or that awesome boss girl you discovered on Instagram.  Sharing is caring, and I look to my community for advice every day.  Whether it's how to potty train my toddler, to what moisturizer I should be using.  You are my #1 infomercial.

4. A "Like" is Like A Side Hug
Ok, this statement was totally geared towards us.  How many times have you seen something on social media and thought it was all that and a bag of chips (I know that statement belongs in the 90s.) As someone who is seeking my community's involvement, don't just double tap a like or love it in passing.  Stop! Comment on that photo or idea.  Answer their questions.  Leave inspiring feedback.  Not only will you make some influencer's day, but you just might gain a new friendship along the way. 

5.  Dare To Be Dull
We closed out the first day with one of my favorite Arkansas Influencers, P. Allen Smith.  He made a statement that hit deep down to my core, "Dare to be dull."  In a world full of crazy, sometimes it's the mundane that makes the loudest noise.  I think back to influencers that I admire, it's those that find the beauty in the classic and old that I am drawn to.  Think Joanna Gaines, all that she has brought to the world and if you ask her, she is the most simple down to earth gal there is. 

I could go on and on and on about my weekend and all that inspired me, but I better cut it short with 5 take aways from Megaphone for the average Jane (or Joe, let's not leave the guys out.)  I hope this inspires you to think a little differently about how you use and participate in social media.  Now let's go out and be social.  I dare you to find someone on some platform and start a conversation today. 

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  1. These are some perfect takeaways! Thanks for sharing what they meant to you :) I'm still laughing about the potbellied pig eating all the Little Debbies.... ;)