The Fogue Abode: Baby Fogue Update [29 Weeks]

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Baby Fogue Update [29 Weeks]

I swear these weeks are going by faster and faster.  This week's adventure with the bump included the dreaded Glucose Test that all pregnant women hate.  For those in the know and that are interested, I went with the Fruit Punch drink again.  It made me feel woozy, but I wasn't anywhere near passing out like I did last pregnancy. 

Also on the bump adventures this weekend, baby Wes is tagging along with me to Megaphone Summit in Fayetteville, AR.  This is a local influencer conference and I'm excited to be attending for the first time.  I'll have loads to unload on you next week regarding this trip.
Baby Size: This week, baby is the size of a cabbage or an acorn squash.  He should be weighing in at 2.54 pounds and around 15.2 inches long.  It's safe to say, his room is becoming quite cramped.

Symptoms: Braxton Hicks contractions have really geared up.  These are the practice contractions before the big show.  I've had them on and off since the start of the second trimester.  But I had several episodes on Tuesday that had me, let's just say, observant.  Since they disappeared with water and some rest, my doctor wasn't concerned, just asked that I watch them.

Currently Missing: My regular clothes.  The struggle with tight clothes is real these days!  And that's all I've got to say about that.

Sleep:  I'm happy to report the middle of the night leg cramps have subsided.  I still have the occasional insomnia bout.  But all in all, I had a good week in the sleep department. 

Cravings and favorite foods: Chick-Fil-A!  I treated myself to this southern delicacy not once, but twice this week.  I can rate this treat an A+ by bump standards. 

Mood: Tired yet excited!  Guys I've been so busy lately squeezing in as much as possible.  I've tried to get in a few little fun things for myself since I know that I'm looking at a year worth of all things baby related.  I'm very much appreciative of this outlook from a second time mom's perspective.  I know that I was ready for a baby when we had Aspen, but I don't think anyone has any idea the amount of time and energy it takes from you that first year.  It's so much more than just dealing with the baby basics, but also learning to live your new life and how your new role defines you as a person. 

Buying: Did you catch the fun globes and baskets from the paper airplane baby shower I helped to decorate?  Those are also going to the nursery.  I finally have things coming together in my head as I've been collecting bits and pieces along the way.  Hopefully, work will begin on our nursery/guest room soon.

Aspen's Reactions: This week's reaction is brought to you by the letter S, as in sharing.  Aspen has been all about sharing with baby brother.  We have tried to prepare her little 2-year-old mind for how childbirth works, in that baby is currently in mommies tummy but soon he will be out like her baby cousin.  Who knows if she really understands.  As for now, she wants to share her toys and her food with my belly button.  Which she also finds fascinating because it pokes out.

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