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Thursday, August 31, 2017

Baby Fogue [Week 33]

There are certain events happening that really put into perspective the reality that baby will be here soon.  Like grocery shopping, when I picked up a tub of sour cream and noticed the expiration date is after our due date.  Or, the start of college football season in which baby Wes will get to enjoy the second half of.  How about before I freak myself out even more, we go through week 33.

Baby Size: This week, Wes is weighing in at about the size of a stalk of celery, or 4.19 lbs and 17.2 inches long. 

Symptoms: Continued pregnancy insomnia is plaguing me at night.  I can probably thank my squashed bladder for this problem.  And speaking of squashed, I can certainly tell everything is running out of room these days.  Tasks, like breathing or even bending over are extremely difficult.  It's making me go a little stir crazy not being able to pick up toddler disasters.

Currently Missing: Hot baths.  It's never a good idea to be in hot water because it could cause my temperature to rise.  But a nice hot bath is what my achy ribs are wanting. 

Sleep: Becoming more and more limited these days. 

Cravings and favorite foods: I'm currently craving (and indulging in while I write this post) brownies.  I'm loving those little mug brownie single servings.  So easy to whip up and I don't have to share them.

Mood: Busy and Tired.  I'm trying to get everything ready for baby which makes me needing a date with the couch more and more frequently. 

Buying: This week I'm into baby swaddles.  There are so many fun muslin swaddle prints that will make accessorizing a baby boy a little more fun, you know since bows and headbands aren't acceptable for little boys. 

Aspen's Reaction:  Aspen's patience for baby brother is growing short.  She is frequently asking for brother to be here and when he is coming out.  Now how to explain the waiting game to my 2 year old. 

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