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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

My Top 5 Nursery Must Haves

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The stomach virus tore through our house this week like a hurricane leaving a path of destruction.  That path included the mess that was the clean out of our spare bedroom to get it painted for the nursery.  It's remanence littered the hall, Aspen's room and the living room.  The not so fun part of eany room makeover, making sense of the mess.  What stays, what goes, and where to put the items we want to keep.  Since I'm still trying to regain my strength to tackle that mess, I figure this would be a great time to share my top 5 nursery must-haves.

I wanted to outline our favorite baby items that we are using in Baby Wes' nursery.  Most of these items are second hand from Aspen's nursery.  We loved them so much that we are chomping at the bits to use them again. 

1. Jayden 4-in-1 Crib  This mid-budget crib is both classic and functional.  When searching for a crib back 3 years ago, I wanted a crib that would grow with my child.  As the title mentions, this crib can pose in 4 different positions making it a great long-term investment. 

2. Changing Pad This one is iffy when it comes to peoples top 5 lists.  Some love it and some hate it.  Us, we loved it and used it daily.  I purchased this changing pad to go on top of the dresser that has now made both of my babies nurseries home.  It makes changing diapers and clothes easier for me as I'm not having to hunch over on a bed or chair.  Don't get me wrong, we still change in these other locations, but the changing pad was also a highly used object in our nursery

3. Rock-N-Play This was a must for my first baby, so I've got it out and ready for baby #2.  My little Aspen was a cuddler right from the start.  She was content as long as she was being held.  Laying her down was always a sure way to wake the sleeping baby.  We found that the cocoon of the rock-n-play helped to ease her into sleep without being curled up in someone's arms.  I know the risks of allowing an infant to sleep anywhere other than on their back in a crib.  But when that is simply not an option, I'm also a fan of doing what gets you and baby the most rest.

4. Video Monitor Another must have nursery item is a video monitor.  I was a big fan of this monitor from day one.  Not only does the monitor provide great sight and sound, it streams through our wifi making it a little more difficult for someone to hack into and view or talk to our little ones. 

5. Sound Machine The one item that wasn't on my mind or my nursery list with our first was a sound machine.  As I was being discharged with our fresh little bundle of joy, my sweet doctor gave us one piece of advice, a sound machine.  We made a quick pit-stop by Bed Bath and Beyond for this machine on our way home. 

This rounds out my top 5 products for our nursery.  As we finish up the nursery during the coming weeks and begin prepping for our next little one, I'll share even more of what is included in our second's nursery.  I've got some really great and fun pieces going up.  Make sure you are also following along on Instagram for some nursery sneak peaks like this one.

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