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Thursday, September 7, 2017

Baby Fogue [34 Weeks]

I'm a little late with this weeks update, Aspen is at her grandparents for the night so this pregnant lady decided it was time to clean all the floors in the house.  You know, nesting and all.  I also am having some self-esteem issues with the lack of my wardrobe lately, so getting this weeks picture was a process of it's own.  Getting to the point where nothing fits just plain stinks.

On a positive note, I'm excited about this weeks coming Diaper Shower.  We kept all of our big baby items and made sure we purchased them in neutrals.  So I was only in need of diapers which seemed more fitting since this is our second.  To coil my excitement, let's review the week.

Baby Size: What's more fitting for fall, then marking this weeks size to a butternut squash.  Weston should be around 4.6 lbs and 17.7 inches long, all of which I feel stretched out under my ribs.

Symptoms: Lots of stretching and moving around happening this week.  The poor kid has to be feeling squashed.  Also, after a week or so of being heartburn free, it's right back today, boo.

Currently Missing: Being able to reach the floor.  Picking up after a toddler is becoming a more and more daunting. 

Sleep: I've resigned to the fact that my nights of decent sleep are over.  I can try sleeping with pillows, rearranging the pillows and even without, everything still aches come morning time.  It's just an impossible task these days.

Cravings and favorite foods: When heartburn doesn't deter me, sautéed onions are my craving this week.  This was a love I finally found when pregnant with Aspen and they are still my favorite.

Mood: Impatient.  This week I've been impatient with everything: time, people, the end of this pregnancy. 

Maternity clothes: When you've reach the point of outgrowing all of your comfy clothes with only a month left in your pregnancy, you turn to your husband's closet.  This evening I'm sporting an old pair of Chris' pajamas pants and one of his old college tee's.  Thankful for his sharing, it's the little things that make me happy. 

Aspen's Reaction: This week Aspen has been very excited about her new roll in our family.  She spent Saturday on her Big Sister Day talking about her baby brother.  It's now a daily request to have baby brother come out. 

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