The Fogue Abode: Baby Fogue {37 Weeks}

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Baby Fogue {37 Weeks}

It's official!!!  Today marks full term for Baby Wes and his eviction can be pending any day now.  To say I'm excited/relieved/nervous as heck for this stage is an understatement.  I'm a bag full of emotions.  

Oh and I noticed we have a full moon coming up on the 5th of October, I have my eye on you!  Let's get on to this week's happenings as I wait for go-time.

Baby Size: Ready to make his debut, Baby Wes is clocking in around 6.17 pounds and 18.9 inches long. Approximately the size of Aspen when she was born.  This weeks veggie is a bit of a reach, supposedly he is about the size of a head of Romaine Lettuce, but I've never seen a 6 pound head of lettuce, have you?

Symptoms: This weeks symptoms list has grown significantly.  Still struggling with Syatica, I can now add more frequent and painful contractions going all the way into my back, much more frequent bathroom breaks and a head cold that won't go away.  So many more symptoms pointing to the sign of labor soon. 

Currently Missing: The ability to breath!

Sleep: I broke my personal record of wake ups last night with 7.  Between the more frequent bathroom trips and not being able to breathe and coughing, my sleep is even more limited these days.  

Cravings and favorite foods: I'm guessing cravings are officially back, this week I've had the strongest urge for an Antie Anne's Pretzel with cheese sauce.  Does anyone want to indulge the pregnant lady?  

Mood: Crabby.  

Maternity clothes: None existent these days.  I discovered a hole in the belly of the only shirt I have left, my pants are starting to fray from being stretched out and none of my shoes fit comfortably.  I really should call into work fat and stay home in the only pair of PJs I could muster up out of Chris' side of the closet.

Buying:  So the rug from last week finally arrived and it was the wrong color.  We have a new one coming that I hope arrives before baby brother.  Other than that, just a few smaller items to finish out the nursery from my registry completion coupons and gift cards.

Aspens Reaction: This week Aspen has become much more clingy to me than she has been.  She cries out for me often and begs me not to leave her.  It breaks my heart that she doesn't quite grasp what's coming but I know once we get there, she will be in love!  Other than this, she loves helping me with baby chores like washing bottles and working in the nursery.  I'm the most excited about seeing her be a big sister.

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