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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Big Sister Day

With the pending arrival of a certain baby brother, due in just the matter of a month, Chris and I agreed that some pampering was in order for the big sister-to-be.  So Saturday we set out on a day full of adventures, Aspen style. 

It's amusing what a two-year-old dreams up when you ask her what she want's to do on her special day.  First, we were to spend the day coloring, then she wanted to go shopping for Barbies.  We finally settled for tacos for lunch, followed by a fun day at the zoo and rounded it out with our first trip to Chuck E. Cheese for pizza and games.

I loved watching her explore around the zoo.  Her excitement was contagious.  We visited monkey's followed by the elephants, road the train and then saw the big cats.  Afterwards, we had pizza for dinner with games and prizes.

It was a brilliant day, we loved spending time with our first born and showering her with love.  It was also a great day of talking about the new baby and just what that was going to mean for life going forward. 

We can't wait to add another little one to our family, but at the same time, it's sad watching our little girl grow up.  I know she will be the best big sister.  If you're a parent of more than one, how did your oldest adjust to the addition of a baby?   

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