the fogue abode: How to Decorate for Fall on a Budget

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

How to Decorate for Fall on a Budget

Like most first time homeowners, our décor budget is somewhat slim.  I love seeing the years trends in glossy magazines, like the fabric wrapped pumpkins and fall leaves abound a beautiful mantle or tablescape. I could seriously let my mind take me away, my pocket book, on the other hand screams in opposition.  Don't worry, there are still ways to create some beautiful fall vignettes around your own home even on a Dollar Tree budget.

So today, I wanted to share some of the tips and tricks I've found to add to my fall décor stash over the years.  Ultimately it takes a little patience and doing little by little every year.

Tip #1 I have is to use what you already own.  Simply rearranging your key décor areas can really freshen things up for a new season. Candles, mirrors, baskets and lanterns are great classic pieces that can move around from room to room pretty easily.  You never know what fun combination you may come up with by just trying things here and there.

Tip #2 is to be creative.  Burlap has become a classic fall staple.  You can grab a yard from your local store for just a few dollars.  Cutting it into triangles and using some craft paint to paint letters is a great way to make your own banner.  Know someone who owns a Silhouette or Cricut?  See if you could snag some vinyl letters to make a simple "thankful" sign from some scrap lumber. 

Tip #3 Snag fun pieces from yard sales.  Fall is a great time to find many yard sales and antique shows.  This is a great way to find buckets, crates and bowls.  Then, simply add some fall florals to it to make a perfect fall bouquet. 

Tip #4 raid your grandmother's old stash.  Eventually one day we will have piles and piles of décor staples that simply find their way to the back of a closet.  But for us just getting our start, using this resource is an excellent way to add to your stash.  I came home with bags upon bags of fall florals.  Don't be afraid take things apart and repurpose.  This filler I have in my dough bowls consisted of a cornucopia's guts and a baggie with a cute scarecrow on the front.  I took both apart and used the florals and the pumpkins and squash to fill up the bowl.

Tip #5 is to make a stop by the Dollar Tree.  They usually have a great supply of fall pieces for just $1.  I found the small hay bells, crows and pumpkins there last year.  I took several large and brightly colored Styrofoam pumpkins and spray painted them white.

Tip #6, online swap shops.  Last year I scored a couple of boxes full of fall sunflowers and straw from left over wedding decorations.  I came home and made them into small and large bouquets to place around.  Be on the look out for items in unusual places.

 Tip #7 mix it up!  I love a blank slate when it comes to pulling my boxes of décor out each fall.  I'm never one to put something in the same place year after year and really that's the fun of it all.  Be as creative as you would like and it will all feel brand new each year.

I hope these few frugal tips help or encourage you in a time when your budget may not agree with your eyes.  Have you found any steals this year?  Let us know what you found and how you incorporated it into your home this year. 


  1. These are really cute ideas and very affordable. Thank you for sharing!

  2. I love using creativity to save some dollars. Good tips.

  3. Online swap shops??? Can you give me an example? Thanks!

  4. These are all cute ways to decorate. I feel like a hypocrite right now. Fall is my favorite holiday, but I have yet to pull out any of my decorations.

  5. I try to pick up one nice piece annually. Slowly it grows. :) Thanks for these tips!