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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

How To Have The Best Yard Sale Ever!

What's the craziest thing a 35+ week pregnant woman could do? Sort through years worth of junk to hold a Saturday Yard Sale!?

Who is crazy enough to hold said Yard Sale?  This chick!  Yep, you can just pick me up and cart me to the nut house!

Aside from how crazy I felt pudging around trying to sell all my junk, we had a great day and sold quite a bit of stuff.  And boy did we need it. Just as I was counting up our profit from the day, our oven decided to go out.  So new stove it is.  

I wanted to share a few tips on how we had the best yard sale ever, whether you're pregnant or not.

  1. Just Call Me The Yard Sale Prepper
I had a years worth of baby clothes to sell, and this was a hot commodity.  Our customers liked the organization behind our setup which allowed them to look through just the sizes they need.  I started back when we were growing out of these clothes and had a plastic tote set aside for each size.  This really helped when it came to Yard Sale prepping as I was able for to pin together outfits and lay them out while the onesies, pants and pjs were in the tote below.  I labeled our table with the size and season.

I wasn't just organized with clothing, I separated all of our household items with like items.  It helps your customers visualize more and in the end, hopefully, sale a little more.

  1. "Do You Want My Crap?"  Presale and Advertise
I think this approach had a large impact on our final dollar.  I put social media to use in helping me spread the word as well as to sale some of our larger items.  We posted in all of our local swap shops and community pages as well as our personal pages.  I made it easy for our customers by providing a way to "reserve" their items with a Saturday pickup day.  This was also a great way to tease what all we would have.  I used Canva to make my postings and made sure that they were all the same so that people would recognize the separate listings.  (Unfortunately, Facebook only allows 10 pictures per posting.)

  1. Junk You Need!  - Epic Signage
We are all drawn to pretty things, aren't we?  So why not make your signs pretty and witty.  Use a mix of fonts from hand script to block.  Try to make the signs as big as possible.  Also, have fun!  We put the generic "yard sale" sign with our info out on the main roads, but in our yard, I took a cue from The Magic Brush and had fun, stop you in your tracks signs.  It totally worked too.  We had many customers say they stopped because of our junk signs.  

  1.  Price to sale, but don't undervalue your stuff
Pricing for me is just plain hard.  I'm not one to mark everything for 25¢, I know how much I gave for an item and marking it 75%-80% off even hurts.  I wasn't afraid to be a little higher on some high-end items and to even say no to a few low offers.  I was pleasantly surprised at how many people were willing to give what I was asking.  If it's worth it to you then it will be worth it to someone else.
  1. Apparently only people in white cars Yard Sale
This last tip was a bit comical.  Our big spenders all showed up in white vehicles.  I'm not sure if there is a science behind this, but I feel like I've heard that statistic somewhere.  So when you have your next yard sale and a white car drives up, be a little extra nice and accommodating, you may just score your biggest sale of the day.

I hope these few tips help you out the next time you decide to plunge forward with your own yard sale.  They are a lot of work, but in the end, it's incredibly satisfying to clear out some of the junk you've collected and hopefully make a few bucks for something new and fun.

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