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Friday, October 6, 2017

Baby Fogue [38 Weeks]

Well we made it through to week 38 and a full moon.  I have my weekly appointment this afternoon, but currently not feeling very labor-ish today.  I was really hoping that extra bit of gravitational pull or what ever science phenomena that makes women go into labor during a full moon would have some magic effect on me today.  Sadly it hasn't.

On a plus note, I did finally manage to get all of our bags packed and ready for Go Time.  If I make it to the weekend I may try to create a What's In My Hospital Bag post.

So, here goes my weeks stats and we will see if we make it back for another week next Thursday.

Baby Size: Wes finally made it to the melon status and is weighing in about the size of a winter melon.  This should be around 6.6 pounds and 19.6 inches long.

Symptoms: Back on the crazy train of symptoms this week, I can sum this up by saying just about every symptom I've had these last 38 weeks have culminated into one.  At this point my whole body aches and I can't tell what's what that a labor pain or just my sciatic nerve running up and down my entire body?  

Currently Missing: EVERYTHING!

Sleep:  Limited.  Aspen has enjoyed snuggles with mommy this week.  Mommy has not.  (Poor baby girl)

Cravings and favorite foods: Current craving, cheetos!  I know, nutritious right?  

Mood: Irritable.  

Buying:  This weeks shopping list included a few breastfeeding essentials to finish out our registry list. We are now prepped and ready for the arrival of Baby Wes.

Aspens Reaction: With the endless parade of trips to and from the doctors office lately, our little Aspen has found a big fascination with doctors.  It's so cute to see her play doctor at home, making sure to check on baby brothers heart beat and mom's pulse.  She has also requested to be a doctor for Halloween.  I'm so sad, she's finally to a point where she picks her own outfits out.  Bare with me as I have an emotional moment.

Before I sign off for this weeks update, I wanted to request prayers from you my readers.  When I became pregnant with Baby Wes, I joined a group of moms through an online community who were also due in October.  It's been an exciting few weeks as our babies have started entering the world.   But today, we were notified that one of those babies is now fighting for her life and isn't expected to make it.  Please join me in lifting up this sweet little one and her parents.  God knows the details, we just need to be faithful in lifting them up to him.  

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