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Thursday, October 12, 2017

Baby Fogue [39 Weeks]

Unfortunately, I'm back again for our 39 week update.  After an active week last week with contractions and cramping, it's been a rather quiet week.  I'm calling this the calm before the storm.  Ideally, I'm wanting to go into labor naturally and not have to deal with another induction.  It's time to get serious with these natural labor inducing ideas such as spicy foods and eating pineapple.  Do you have any tried and true induction remedies? I spent yesterday evening doing a little bit of walking.

While I'm bouncing away on the yoga ball, let's check in to week 39.

Baby Size: Happy Halloween Wes!  You are about the size of a pumpkin these days!  He should be breaking into 7 pounds and getting close to 20 inches long.

Symptoms: Lots of pain and pressure these days.  I confirmed at my last appointment that he is low and ready to go.  This means my walk is straight up penguin waddle now.  Continued Braxton hicks and frequent bathroom breaks leaves me guessing if this could be it.  

Currently Missing: The ability to sleep without the need for pillows to prop my large belly up.  I think Aspens about ready to say goodbye to mommies pillows as well.  Her attempts to sleep close to me usually results in her sleeping straight across our heads.

Sleep:  Sleep is interrupted nightly by having to roll and adjust pillows or to get up for a bathroom break.  I'm ready to trade these wake up periods with a new little squish.

Cravings and favorite foods: Trying to cram in the last of the unhealthy food options into my diet, I'm craving a fried egg and cheese BLT sandwich.  Or heart attack on a bun, if you will. 

Mood: Impatient.  I'm so over answering the same questions over and over like "how much longer?"  Or hearing people tell me about their kids.  Just let me sulk in silence.

Buying:  Did you see the big nursery reveal earlier this week!?  We spent the weekend finishing up that room so a few little purchases like hooks and screws to get this project checked off the to-do list.

Aspens Reaction:  Aspen finally got to feel baby brother have the hiccups.  She tries to scare away his hiccups by running up to my belly and yelling at baby brother.  Maybe this is a good natural induction method she should keep up.

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