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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Feeling Goal-ified - 2018 Goals

What is it about new years that makes us all list happy?  My planner has gotten more use out of it in the past 8 days then it has the last 365!  If I could bottle up this organization energy, I would be good to go for the rest of the year.  Sadly, it usually fizzles somewhere in the middle of February.  So while I'm feeling all listy, let's take a look at my 2018 goals and recap how 2017 went.

Goal #1  Organize

If I put it out into the universe, maybe this year's top goal will come to fruition.  As part of my one word this year, to remain focused, I wanted to cut down to the bare minimum when it comes to our house projects and just simply finish up and organize.  With Christmas and birthdays, the kids have more stuff than room to put it.  My junk closets are busting at the seams and dishes and spices fall out of the kitchen cabinets every time you open one.  Plus, we are the worlds worst at starting something and finishing it oh, say a year later (like this bathroom project.)  I just want to focus on making our home complete and functional.

Goal #2 Blog Revamp

This year is the year I am declaring that I will switch to Wordpress.  If you are unfamiliar with websites and blogging, my current platform is the rookie team and Wordpress is the major leagues.  But it doesn't come with a ton of work and some financial investment.  I started this blog with honest expectations of not keeping it up.  Even struggling through a few months of extreme pregnancy (is that such a thing) and lack of motivation, I was still able to find time to blog through it going on my 5th year.  So this is the year that I feel comfortable investing in the direction of The Fogue Abode.

Goal #3 Freshen up the Back Porch

The one project that I do want to tackle this year will be to freshen up our sad looking back porch.  It's been neglected for several years as you can see in the picture above.  We will freshen up the wood with either a new coat of paint or re-staining it.  I would love to add some patio lighting and a new patio set.  Make this a livable area for the kids to enjoy.

Goal #4 Grace

This fourth goal really has nothing to do with blogging or home lifestyle, this is more of a personal goal/personal journey that I wanted to tell you about so that you could be in prayer for us over the next year.  Last year, I was gifted with a desire to help single moms in our community.  Specifically single pregnant mothers.  Through my church and our pregnancy resource center, we are in the process of creating a program to help them spiritually during a time that they can often feel abandoned by the church.  While you won't hear much about this, please pray for continued compassion and for the right opportunities to come our way.

Goal #5 ... the Gallery, still

Still shuffling this item over from previous years.  I have all the frames, I've collected photos and prints to fill them.  But the thought of figuring out a layout just intimidates the crap out of me.  I want to finally get to this hall gallery early this year.  Could you share your tips and tricks on getting started?

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

And speaking of last year, let's take a quick look at my 2017 goals and see how I faired (or failed) with crossing items off that list.

Last Years Goal #1 - Makeover the Master and Guest Bedroom

I wanted to finish up the two bedrooms in our house that had been lacking attention.  While I did manage to at least paint the Master bedroom and add some new bedding, we totally finished out the guest bedroom and turned it into a partial nursery.  You can read all about our Master Bedroom update here and Guest Room/Nursery reveal hereGoal Accomplishment - 75%

Last Years Goal # 2 - Hang a Gallery Wall

Do I really have to go over this one with you?  If so, see this year's goal # 5.  Goal Accomplishment - Big Fat 0%

Last Years Goal #3 - Family Road Trip

Last summer, we loaded up the car with a two-year-old and a lot of toys and made the 20 hour 1,322 mile trip to my husband's family in New York all while 5 months pregnant.  That's a lot of numbers there, folks.  The trip was awesome but pretty uncomfortable for me.  I'm just glad we were able to experience road tripping.  Goal Accomplishment - 100%

Last Years Goal #4 - 5 Year Anniversary 

Yay, we made it!  That title sounds more like I was making it a goal to see 5 years, we are totally fine guys.  I just wanted to make some big deal out of it.  We celebrated our anniversary last year in May.  I had wanted to plan a big trip to mark this occasion, but first-trimester pregnancy happened and we elected for a quick getaway to this quaint hotel about 30 minutes up the road.  It ended up being a fun and relaxing weekend to gush over our baby news, we even decided to splurge for a quick gender reveal which we ended up telling you about hereGoal Accomplishment - 100%

Last Years Goal #5 - Exterior Redesign

Sadly, with the excitement of pregnancy and baby, this plan failed to take shape.  We were able to do some yearly outdoor maintenance back in February, but the exterior never got touched after that.  It's still something I would love to have done one day, but for the time we are putting this one to the side.  Goal Accomplishment - 20%

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