the fogue abode: How to Create a Wooden-Heart Garland

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

How to Create a Wooden-Heart Garland

Who can join me in shock that January is already over!?  Like how did that even happen?  It makes me a little sad because the holidays are officially over, my birthday is over and we have a whole year to wait for my favorite time of year.  Oh, enough dreary blues for the day, it’s time to move our focus to Valentine’s Day.  That one day we get to spend money on outrageously overpriced junk for our loved ones.  I try to not be a Scrooge of Valentine’s Day, but it’s so easy to poke fun at.

Seriously though, when it comes to V-Day, I like to keep things simple.  I enjoy the corny one-liners and conversation hearts.  I try to keep our gift giving practical, which I’ll have details to come.  But today I wanted to share with you our simple valentine’s day mantle.  Specifically this heart garland that so many of you have asked about after seeing it on the One Year Declutter Challenge Post.

I actually created this garland for Aspen’s first birthday.  It was hearts themed in pink and gold.  Afterwards I decided to keep it up for Valentine’s Day and it just instantly became a part of my holiday décor.  It was a fun project to make, who doesn’t like glittering things?  Well, besides my husband who complained about the glitter all over him for like a week. 

Here’s what you’ll need to create this fun Valentine’s Heart Garland:

wooden hearts – I purchased mine at hobby lobby, but here are some similar
ruler and sharpie

This project was quite simple.  Just paint each heart with your gold (red or pink would look lovely too) craft paint.  Let that dry and go back over it with mod podge, then sprinkle with glitter.  I let these dry completely and came back the next day with my twine.  I used a ruler and sharpie to mark the spots where I would hot glue each heart to the twine.  Make sure to glue these towards the top because their weight will pull them down and you will have spinning hearts.  The end.


Told you guys this was easy peasy!  I think I’m having a thing with DIY garland.  Check out this book page pendant I created here.  It’s still one of my favorite projects.  Have you guys completed any fun Valentine’s crafts?