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Monday, February 5, 2018

I'm Bringin' Organziation Back! (yeah)

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Hello Friends, who all is still reeling from that Justin Timberlake performance? (waves hands around in the air like a total fangirl)  Ok, ok, the game was alright too.  Is it just me or was anyone else thinking "what the heck" to his outfit?  I laughed that it looked like something out of my dad's closet. And no N'Sync!?  I was hoping, as were most other girls my age.  My daughter was just excited that Branch was on tv signing her favorite song. (as she waved her hands around like a little fangirl)

Back to Monday and the beginning of February, this has to be one of my least favorite times of the year, spring is just around the corner but we still have to muck through the cold a few more weeks.  I really do hate the cold.  There are many reasons, but that list would be too long to get to what I'm impatiently waiting to tell you about.  February Declutter Challenge!  Who's ready to tackle some kid's closets?  (Or, if you're kid-free you could use this month to tackle a spare/guest room closet or office.)

Before I get to my tips for this month, how did your January go?  Did you get that pantry emptied out?  I hope you are on your way to an easier kitchen life.  January has been pretty big for me, this challenge has gained more acknowledgment than I could have dreamed of.  It was featured on several of my blogging friend's sites, did you happen to see it anywhere?  Make sure you have signed up for my email list to receive the free Declutter Challenge printable, I'm also planning to have even more goodies heading to your inbox soon.

Back to February, if you're like me, your kids just accumulate so much over the season.  Wes is at that stage where we are changing out his closet every 3 months, which is a nightmare.  But Aspen's closet isn't any easier.  We may only be switching sizes once a year, but she collects even more.  We also use their closets to store books, crafts, blankets, diapers.  So we aren't just talking clothes here.

A few things to think about as you get those closets organized this month:

  • Start by completely clearing out the closet.  This gives you a nice starting base and ensures you look at everything there is.
  • I like making small groupings.  Let's group clothes by keep, give away and trash.  If play clothes are incredibly stained or ripped, there's no point in trying to sell or give it away.  Just let it go...let it go, in song.
  • Consignment!  Have you ever consigned your kid's clothing?  It's a great way to sale those gently used items and makes money to buy more.  As fast as these little ones grow, buying used isn't such a dirty word. Plus they do all the work for you, no advertising, no handling purchases or haggling with someone over the price.  Trust me, it's just easier.  Check out this post on our yard sale last fall if you need some proof.
  • Would bins help you organize?  Here are a few storage options I think would be great for a kids closet.  We use both 1 & 2 and I love how long they are to fit into closet spaces.  3 would be great on a lower shelf for access to not only toys, but you could store socks and undies or pj's in.  Then I love acrylic bins for storing colorful items in like legos or chalk/crayons?  Links to all the bins are below.

1 / 2 / 3 / 4

Good luck tackling those closets this month, I'm going to try a Facebook live each month to touch on our organization journey, this is an opportunity to discuss any hurdles you may come across and a chance to chit-chat.  Be watching the Facebook page for more details later this week.

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