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Hello, Welcome to The Fogue Abode!  Kick off your shoes and make yourself at home. I'm Shea, a DIY attempter, lover of home décor, bargain hunter and mom living in the beautiful Natural State of Arkansas. 

The Fogue Abode began in 2014 when my husband and I purchased our first home.  Like many first time home buyers, the budget didn't match the dreams.  What we ended up with was a lovely builder grade home.  So I began my research on how to make a house a home and fell in love with blogs like YHL, Bower Power & Chris Loves Julia.  I would pour through their early content and admired how thrifty and crafty they were at updating their own homes.  I noticed though, that as the years progressed, they found other means and a void was left in the new homeowner DIY blog market.  So The Fogue Abode was born in my attempt to fill that void. 

You can now follow as we update our home, add love and character to it and even sprinkle in a few babies along the way.  Keeping with a Home Lifestyle model, you will find our DIY attempts, successes and failures, crafts, décor ideas and parenting chatter.  I hope that as our family grows into our home, we can be of inspiration to you.

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