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And finally, the boring, but necessary part.  Who am I kidding, the only person reading this are fellow bloggers looking for a good idea for a disclaimer page...I have no problem with you copying bits and pieces of this page. 

Copyright Policy

  • Do you love the content your seeing?  Please feel free to share away.  It makes me get the warm fuzzies.  Just remember to link back to us anything you remove from this blog.
  • Any photos that are not taken by The Fogue Abode will be credit back to the original user with links.   

Disclaimer & Terms

  • The Fogue Abode is created and written solely by Shea Fogerty.  I am a self taught DIYer and aspiring party planner/interior designer (in my wildest dreams.) I am not an expert on any of the projects I tackle.  Please use your own judgment and always practice safety.  If you become injured during a project you have seen on this site, or if the project is not up to your expectations, The Fogue Abode is in no way liable.
  • This site will never share or sell any of your information (name, email or any other relevant information) to any outside company.
  • This blog does accept forms of cash, sponsorship, products and service.  Payments are accepted based on the writing, photography, supplies and time used to create a post.   
  • Any sponsored post will be disclosed in the article post.  All opinions will be mine, positive or negative.


  • I love love love reading your comments!  Please remember that I do my best in sharing my home and my life with you.  Please be courteous and kind.  Any comment deemed rude, hateful, or profane will be removed at my discretion.

Promotions, Affiliates & Advertising

  • Like more information on working with The Fogue Abode, please visit the Advertise Page.
  • Any product or service I receive at a discounted or free rate will be disclosed.  In order to maintain the integrity of this site, I will always give my honest opinion on promotions.
  • I may link back to affiliated services, which means any products purchased from the link could earn me a small commission.  I pick affiliated links based on the Home lifestyle brand that is this blog.
  • I do use a third party ad network which places select ads at the top and bottom of this blog.  If you find anything you see offensive in any way, please notify me immediately so that I can reach out to the third party.

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