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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

A Paper Airplane Baby Shower

There are few things I love more than getting to be creative and showering those I love with pretty parties.  So when us sisters got together to plan a baby shower for our youngest sister, I jumped on the decorating train.  I'm pretty pumped that she is due about a month before me, also with a little boy.  In our family, we've been blessed to have so many sets of cousins the same age.  It's just so cute and sweet to watch them grow up together.  I know these two boys will get into boat loads of trouble and have tons of fun together.

For her shower, I was inspired by a paper airplane banner I saw while at Magnolia Market.  Who didn't have a childhood that involved shooting paper airplanes around?  Sounded like just the right size of adorable trouble for this little boy.

The decorations included paper airplanes of all sizes.  I created this large one below by using a roll of white paper scaled by double to an 8.5" x 11" and drawing notebook paper lines with some colored pencils and a straight edge. 

Since I was going old school with the paper airplanes, I figured some old school crepe paper garland would fit perfectly with the theme.  Didn't the drink station turn out adorable?  And we haven't even made it to the food!

The cake was mom-to-be's favorite, Italian Cream.  It was provided by a local bakery, The Picket Fence.  I loved the folded fondue airplanes on top. 

Food included the traditional shower affair of sandwiches, pinwheels, fruit, and cookies.  All prepared by my mom and grandmother. 

There were so many paper airplanes around.  By the time the shower was over, the kids were tossing them around in utter amazement.  I'm thinking this was their first taste of paper fun.  And I must say, I made some pretty decent fliers.


We strung several airplanes up to helium balloons so that they could fly around.  I think we had more diver-bombers than fliers. 

Here are the girl cousins, soon they will be outnumbered by the boys 3 to 5.   

And mom-to-be, looking radiant in her dress with her adorable bump.  She was showered well with the sweetest gifts for baby Kellen.   

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