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Monday, January 29, 2018

Pantry Pandemonium - Declutter Challenge

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Hey Friends!

Last week I introduced you to my One Year Declutter Challenge, where I set more realistic goals of organizing your complete home in a years time.  Instead of one of those crazy 30-day declutter binges, I aimed to give you one task each month in hopes that we would find the time during that 30 days to successfully declutter and reorganize your space.

January's task was to declutter your pantry.  If you are anything like me, it may start out nice and organized, but a year's worth of cramming things into it left it needing an overhaul.  I always think January is a great time to organize your food, as you have clean and healthy eating on the brain.  It's the perfect opportunity to not only get rid of the clutter and outdated items, but you're more likely to chunk that half eaten bag of Oreo's.

Now if you are chunking any half-eaten bag of Oreo's, you can just ship those to my house, I have plenty of room...or rather I can make plenty of room for them.

All jokes aside, clearing out your pantry is pretty grueling work.  Just look at this mess we have going on.  So much purging that needed to happen!  Now that we are on the flip side of our declutter, here are just a few tips I have for you:

  • Start by completely emptying your pantry.  I made plenty of room on my freshly cleaned floor and cabinets to organize my items into groupings.
  • Here is where the second piece of advice comes, instead of grouping your food by items (rice with the rice, beans with the beans) use a more broad grouping system.  Try grouping by dinner items, snack items, baking goods.  This will keep you from hunting and pecking for items later on.

  • Take advantage of those door shoe bins.  I'm sure you've heard this tip a thousand times, but it works.  We use ours to keep snacks down low for our daughter and items that we are always grabbing like cooking oil and quick breakfast items.

  • Utilize hanging bins.  We had a ton of dead space below our last shelf.  I used this wire bin and S-hooks to store things like onions and potatoes.
  • While I love the look of a pantry full of pretty glass containers, who has time for that!?  Am I right?  I'm not going to advocate for that unless you have the time to commit to it.  I do recommend to lose the box when you can.  You can use bins to store items like oatmeal, muffins or snacks pouches instead of keeping them in a big bulky box. 
So ours isn't worthy of an Grammy award by any means (did you check out @TheHomeEdit in Mandy Moore's pantry, heart eyes) but it provides a better function for our family.  That's what this challenge is about, making life pretty and simple.

I'll be back later this week to talk about February's challenge.  It's a biggie, but we can do it together.  Don't forget to show off your panty organization with the hashtag #thedeclutteredabode.


  1. Great ideas. Love the wire basket for the onions!

  2. I think my pantry is just about the size of yours, but we have wooden, stationary shelves instead of wire. The one thing I did several years ago (and it is still working) was to add some 2x4 boards (cut to length of shelves) to create risers, which made canned goods so much easier to find.

  3. That's an excellent idea. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Lover this post Shea! I will be featuring you at TFT this week! Stop by on Thursday morning!